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Vietnam visado

Puedes completar tu solicitud de visado para Vietnam de forma muy sencilla. Solicitar el visado te llevará solo cinco minutos. El visado está disponible desde 39,95 € por persona. Aceptamos pagos mediante tarjeta de débito, tarjeta de crédito y Paypal.


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Vietnam visa

Traveling to Vietnam requires you to have a visa. You can travel there by using a visa-on-arrival and a so-called approval letter. This saves you a lot of work, as it avoids you having to go to the Vietnamese embassy! After arriving at the airport, you can pick up your visa at authorised lobbies. You are then free to enter the country. That's how easy it is.

The approval letter is a letter drawn up in Vietnamese. It grants you permission to pick-up a visa "on arrival", allowing you to bypass the embassy.

This letter comes in two versions: the public and private version.The public version invites multiple travelers (not necessarily within the same party). A private letter only lists your name or traveling party. We always use the private letter to keep your details from being disclosed to third parties.

The delivery time for the Vietnamese visa is within three working days. In most cases, you will receive it within 48 hours. Now that's convenient.


The visa costs comprise two parts: the letter of invitation and a so-called stamping fee. You pay for the Stamping Fee in Vietnam upon arrival. The letter of invitation costs are paid to us. Note: the amount has to be paid for in USD or VND. Below you can find your total amount paid for the visa. It depends on exchange rates, because the Stamping Fee is due in USD.

Bring along

In order to obtain your visa on arrival, you will need to bring along your approval letter (we send it to you), a completed application form (we send it to you) and two recent passport photos. You will have to pay for the stamping fee on the spot, preferably in American Dollars (USD).


Puedes viajar con total confianza sabiendo que el visado que has recibido es el visado oficial para Vietnam.


Nos comprometemos a entregarte tu visado en un máximo de 24 horas, fines de semana incluidos. Si lo solicitas antes de las 11pm, te lo entregaremos hoy.


La solicitud te llevará como mucho cinco minutos. Aceptamos pagos mediante tarjeta de débito, tarjeta de crédito o Paypal. Entonces, revisaremos tu solicitud manualmente.